September 11, 2014

House in Menorca

via Elle Espana/

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September 9, 2014

Country House in Formentera


Obsessing over the outdoor space of this house in the Balearic Islands!  via nicety, photos by Jordi Canosa 


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August 13, 2014

The most luxurious showers on the planet


Possibly the only good thing about crawling out of bed in the morning is immersing yourself under the invigorating and revitalising stream of a cool shower. Sometimes it’s difficult to leave the comforting warmth and steaming sensations -so just imagine how much harder it will be to step out of incredibly luxurious showers.

Here are just some of the best examples of sensational shower designs:

Attainable luxury

While some luxury showers might be the stuff of dreams, much like the one in the final section of our article, there are some that can be easier to create at home.


The Huffington Post has released this impressive compilation of stunning showers that might be able to spark some inspiration.


Some feature waterfalls, some feature multiple streams, while perhaps the most luxurious feature of these bathrooms is the decoration used in the room itself.

Whether it’s a traditional style or the feeling of being in a tropical rainforest that you are after, these feelings can be achieved much more simply through decoration and little design details than shelling out huge amounts of money on an extravagant luxury item.

In fact, a truly luxurious shower could be achieved with the simple use of a shower pump.

 Luxury is but a shower pump away

This little bit of genius can help you to simultaneously boost the hot and cold supplies of your shower, while also giving the stream a little extra kick.

An intense, fast-flowing water stream can help create the sensation of a massage, with the power shower helping to work out those knots in your shoulders and back.


If you need some more information, search for Mira shower pumps to find one that would be perfect for your bathroom.

The Sensory Sky shower

While the above examples would be perfect for those seeking luxury on a budget, this example is for anyone that has a spare £20,000 lying around.

German design, innovation and technology experts Dornbracht have created this incredible shower.

It takes the conventional shower and twists it into something that is, quite frankly, magical. It has several pre-programmed settings that can imitate the feeling of mists and rains, and spreads different coloured lights and fragrances into the shower as you are taking it. Incredible.

The “Readjust” setting is supposed to “sharpen the senses”, using a fine mist and a warm rain effect, as well as pumping in the smell of the forest floor, to create a truly transformative feeling.

“Release” is intended to evoke feelings of a refreshing summer rain, enhanced with smells of a tropical rainforest.

Finally, “Rejoice” is intended to comfort and relax, rebalancing your entire body and offering complete immersion.  Water droplets cover your body and are coloured in every shade you’d see in a rainbow, while a pleasant fragrance fills the air.

Different streams of water can be set to different temperatures to offer a truly unique feeling on your body, and you can adjust the cascading style of the water based on your mood.

Of course, all of this immense luxury doesn’t come cheap, with the average cost of Sensory Sky hovering around the $32,000 (£18,708) mark.


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June 25, 2014

Country Home in Lisbon


One of my favorite Beach Homes, via Nuevo Estilo


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October 29, 2013

Master BEDROOM Wish List


I’m currently redecorating my little ones new shared bedroom so thought I’d put together a few ideas for my own bedroom… It is coming next! (not sure when exactly that is) I am hoping to start the project late winter. Anyway, the budget is tight since we are in a rental but I do want to spiff it up a bit. DEFINITELY a romantic pendant light fixture!…

1. West Elm White Bed Frame
2. Patrick Townsend White Orbit Chandelier
3. Facetta Chair
4. Plum & Ashby Candles
5. Eco Cross Cream/Black Blanket
6. Marc Schmitz Oil Painting
7. Mid-Century Nightstand, Acorn
8. Picture Frame Terrarium
9. LOVE Pillow Cover
10. Casa Noir Tissue House
11. Antique Anatolia Turkish Kilim Rug
12. Yellow Polka Dot Duvet/Quilt Cover
13. Clover Grey Sheet Sets
14. Eames® Hang-It-All, Black
15. Shoreline Mirror
16. Orange Rose & Bud Round Glass
17. Menagerie Pillow, Rabbit
18. Animal Lacquer Jewelry Box
19. Livingston Candelabra – Gold
20. Zen Bamboo Laundry Hamper

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September 15, 2013

4 Pretty Things


Fall makes think of cozy cabins, sipping apple cider, & nature hikes in the forest! Here are 4 of my faves for a vintage cabin feel:

Scouts Honor Trees Print, Redsmith Dining Chair, blue, Eco Cross Blanket (our new design!!), Vintage Beer Crate, Yellow

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