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December 24, 2012

New Painting

My new painting hung in our dinning room just in time for Christmas Dinner. Merry Christmas!

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October 26, 2012

My Basement Office

If you remember a few months ago, I decided to move my office down to my dark, dreary basement. My husband was taking over my office (we only have 1 in our home). I was not enjoying sharing my space with him…to say the least! Last night I finished organizing my new space…for now anyway. My goal was to brighten the dreary corner of my basement with lots of COLOR.

Because the walls are the concrete foundation of our home I decided it would not be a good idea to hang anything on them. Instead I leaned a HUGE colorful piece of artwork behind a pretty framed print. The print is called Love Languages by Made By Girl. The adjacent wall is a collection of clippings that inspire me. The collection includes a map of Yosemite park, my favorite vineyard/winery in Napa Valley (HENDRY), and a page out of a vintage Bugs Bunny book that fell apart but I couldn’t throw out.

My desk is actually the West Elm Parsons Dining Table. Desks are always too small for me. I like a LARGE workspace for my computer, printer, and desk accessories. (BTW, this table is on SALE right now!) I put 2 Bertoia style chairs at my desk because my 3.5 yr old assistant is often working with me. The pillows on the chairs are a subtle brown leopard print by Kassapanola.

I placed a few faux sheepskins under the desk since I am often barefoot and thought they would cozy up the space. They are called the TEJN Faux Sheepskins & are only $9.99 at IKEA. I also use lots of storage boxes from IKEA. I have the PINGLA box for duck tape, craft supplies, etc. & I use the small Kassett boxes for filing notes, business cards, etc.

A couple of other things on my desk include a bottle of Château Margaux that my husband & I opened on our most recent wedding anniversary, a faux plant from IKEA (no windows = no option for anything that grows!), 2 of my favorite books, lots of washi tape, & my brass duck bookends.

Beside my desk sits my Lin Tray Table that I purchased from Joss & Main last year. I know it is kind of weird to put it in the basement, but it feels less basement-y with pretty things around me! The side table is great for storing things I use frequently…pens, stamps, etc.

Ok, now time to get some actual work done! Have a great weekend.

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October 5, 2012

allen + roth Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Light

We changed the ceiling lights this morning. I think the new light looks pretty good for only $23! The sale runs through Dec 31, 2012. allen + roth Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Light.

See the look I was trying to acheive HERE
Other flush mount ceiling light options I considered HERE

September 2, 2012

Basement Office

After realizing that it was pretty much impossible for my husband & I to share an office, I decided to move my office space into the basement. My kids play in the finished part of the basement so I’ve moved into the unfinished part! Is this crazy?

Anyway, I spent the afternoon moving my desk, supplies, doo-dads, etc. Lots to do, but it is coming along!

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June 13, 2012

Leather Cowhide Ottoman

Our new mini ottoman from NOVICA. Harper loves to sit on it while doing her puzzles on the coffee table!

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May 7, 2012

Leopard Print Throw Pillows

Something about leopard print. It seems to fancy things up a bit…and never really goes out of style! There are sooo many decorative leopard print accessories & I finally decided on these LEOPARD PRINT PILLOWS. (with coupon I paid only $22.40 each- seriously a bargain!)

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April 28, 2012

Elements Grey Sofa Table

My console table from Overstock came this morning. It is the Elements Grey Sofa Table with Shelf. (I got it for $150 with my coupon!)

Anyway, it became a disaster when I tried to involve my kids. The had fun, but it took me about 2 hours to clean up the mess! You can still see that there are little white styrofoam dots that will be in my house for months!

This photo below was my inspiration photo, but I couldn’t afford the over $1000 price tag!

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April 25, 2012

New Throw Pillows & Famille Rose Garden Stool

My new throw pillows just arrived. They are from Designers Guild – the royal collection oriel ebony silk cushion in 11 X 17. I got them on clearance for $27 each. (normally $90) This includes the duck feather insert. In addition, if you spend $50 it is free shipping!

Other new thing… the Famille Rose Garden Stool I purchased from One Kings Lane. It is a bit different than the one pictured, but I actually like it better than the original one with red dots all over!

I moved my $49.99 gold garden stool from Homegoods to the dining room for now…not sure where it’s new place should be.

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April 20, 2012


I woke up this morning and found my pink hydrangea plant blooming. I had to plant one in an indoor pot this spring. They are so bright and cheerful– & last way longer than a hydrangea bouquet in a vase!

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April 19, 2012

Gold Chinese Garden Stool for $49.99

This GOLD CHINESE GARDEN STOOL is $129.99 plus shipping at Wisteria….

& I just purchased for $49.99 at HOMEGOODS. so exciting!

April 12, 2012

5 New Things from One Kings Lane

Lots of shopping & decorating going on! One Kings Lane has THE FATEST SHIPPING! I just received these 5 things:

1. Golden Apple (they sent me 2 of them for $10!)
2. Indigo 14×20 Pillow $39
3. 11″ Gold/Black Two-Tone Bowl $15
4. Hammered Gold Bowl $39 (This will be used as a short flower vase by putting a small glass inside to hole water/flowers)
5. Axis Capiz Shell Lamp $85, the brown drum shade will be switched to black! The cheapest place I could find this elsewhere was on Amazon for $144.

P.S. the sofa is the Martha Stewart Saybridge Sofa in Storm & the end tables are from The Foundary (on sale for $150 each)

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April 2, 2012

Chevron Pens

new pens, for my desk. (& they write really nice too!) puchased from Iomoi

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March 20, 2012

Living Room Ideas

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Speaking of my living room…I want sooo many things. Where to start? What is your favorite piece in your living room? Did you purchase everything at once, or slowly accumulate pieces over time?

These are just a few things I’d love in my space. I should probably come up with a budget first!

P.S. #6 is actually the chair I’d love for the heads of my DINING ROOM

March 14, 2012

Colorful Accessories

I’ve been waiting for this sale at One Kings Lane, & picked up 4 these colorful pieces for spring. The first 2 pieces will be used as planters, the pink tray is for my desk, and blue tray for my keys.

March 5, 2012

DIY Sideboard

My new sideboard is finished &amp I am so happy with how it turned out.

Here was the BEFORE if you haven’t seen it:

& a few more pics…

Here is the before and after of the hardware. It was spray painted gold metallic:

& my new dining chairs finally arrived! (from Horchow….SLOOOOW shipping & way overpriced!)

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March 2, 2012

Armchairs for Dining Table

I just found this chair on One Kings Lane. They call it the Heritage Style Gibbons Armchair. It would be perfect for the heads of my dining table….in BLACK! Where can I find it in black for this price?

P.S. HERE is my dining table. My new chairs are being delivered on Tuesday!

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March 1, 2012

Martha Stewart Saybridge Sofa

Here is the couch we decided on. After contemplating for weeks we went with the Martha Stewart Saybridge sofa. I am so relieved I didn’t pick the other one, it would have been WAYYY too short. In fact, I almost wish this one was another foot long. The wall behind the sofa is so long, I am thinking about getting dressers instead of 2 end tables.

Now, time to decorate!

The pink chairs will be moved to the other side of the room once my other chairs are finished. I am also going to get some new artwork for the walls. I’m considering a few abstract pieces. The piece you currently see will most likely be moved to the stair landing. I’m also anxious to get a new rug, but that will be the last thing I do once I figure the furniture arranging. (Not sure if I want an 8 X 10 or 9 X 11 rug!)

more sofa pictures here

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February 26, 2012

Buffet Tables/Sideboards

Now that we have a new dining room table, I am anxious to entertain. I’ve been searching for a long buffet/sideboard piece to go along the wall. I want it to be LONG (over 70 inches), but it cannot be too deep (under 20 inches) since the room is not very wide. EVERYTHING I like is sooo expensive, BOO!

Here are a few pieces that I considered:

This piece is probably one of my favorites. It is a hollywood regency style sideboard from Davenport. I love the nice white glossy finish, the length is 84 inches, but the price is $3500! UGGH! WAAYYY out of my price range. I was hoping to stay under $750! Via

Something a bit more rustic. I do like the lines and simplicity of this piece, just not the finish. I prefer the white glossy finish of the first piece. Via

I fell in love with this sideboard by Homenature, but at $4200 it was ridiculously more than the amount I plan to spend on my entire living room! Plus it really wasn’t long enough (only 60 inches!)

I also decided to check out pieces at Neiman Marcus. I know that I cannot afford anything there, but I love to look for inspiration. This “Vinlo” Console is AMAZING…& a steal at $3,699.00 plus $450 for Delivery & Processing. YEAH, right!

I considered mirrored sideboards and chests. I am hesitant, though because I think an oversized mirrored piece may be a bit too trendy and I may get sick of something like this in a few years. I do love the look of this one. It is called the “Orleans” Mirrored Chest and for sale for $4,829.00.

This piece is crazy cool…but way too contemporary for my house. I do have an appreciation for contemporary design when it is done really well! Via Call for the price (which usually means more than a few thousand!!)

This piece is absolutely STUNNING! I fell in love with it. It was no where near the length I am hoping for but I’d love a piece like this in my future dream house. Via

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February 14, 2012

Louis Style Chairs

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Here are a few pieces that I am thinking about for the dining room. I am pretty focused on chairs at the moment. I’ve decided on a dark color upholstered dining chair. I think it will be a nice contrast to the white/grey walls plus spills/dirt will be less noticeable. I’m hoping to find a louis style chair in purple or black. & maybe louis style arm chairs at the heads of the table? Not quite sure yet!

I threw in a brass shelf and beautiful bench that I would love in my living room. I could browse eBay for hours!

February 13, 2012

New Table

A few photos of our new dining table. It is the 17TH C. MONASTERY DINING TABLE from Restoration Hardware. I was nervous about how it would look but am so relieved…I love the antique grey tones of it with our dark hardwood.

It will be so nice to serve dinner on a larger table. No more running out of space!

So, next up: dining chairs. I have 2 picked out…will share tomorrow.

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February 8, 2012

Roses & new mirror for office

Rex & I stopped at produce junction this morning (one of my FAVORITE places). One of these days I will have to bring my camara with me. Anyway, they have beautiful (& CHEAP) flowers and plants as well as a farmers market. I picked up 2 bunches of roses for $12 total. I just finished a little arrangement for my office. I am hoping some new decor and lots of fresh flowers help to inspire me to get back to work.

I also hung a new brass looking mirror that I purchased from One Kings Lane (only $50!) I think it looks much better than the mirror i had previously hug there. I am waiting on a small brass table/bar cart to arrive that will go along the wall under the mirror and will help to hide all of the cable cords.

a few more details:

February 3, 2012

Craigslist Brass Coffee Table

I’ve been on the hunt for a brass coffee table or brass end table. There were about 4 or 5 tables that I loved from Neiman Marcus…but they were WAYYYY out of my price range ($500 +). I’m currently drawn to pieces with interesting geometric frames like this & this.

So, a few days ago I went to check out this 3 ft x 3 ft coffee table a few towns away. The sweet older couple offered it to me for $50 which I could not turn down! The husband even helped me load it into my car.

I am hoping to use it in my new living room…to be continued…

February 2, 2012

Sneak peek at our new hardwood floors!

WOW! I just returned to my home this evening and cannot believe how much they got done today…they ripped out the carpet and old hardwood and basically finished the living and dining room, half of the kitchen and a bit of family room as well! I am ecstatic, I just want my husband to come home to enjoy the new floors with us. I’ll get some better photos with my camera tomorrow after they finish the job.

January 31, 2012

Progress on my office

We had new carpet installed on our 2nd level on Saturday. (even though I HATE carpet!) I’ve started putting my office back together. I am changing it up a bit…not sure about the layout yet. I want to hang some shelves on the other side of the desk (the side that you do not see in the photo)…I also have 2 end tables, a rug, and throw pillows to add to the couch…

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January 24, 2012

Shopping for Hardwood Floors (day 1)

2012…the year I’ve decided to take the plunge and do some remodeling! I’ve been wanting to put in new hard wood for years. My main motivation is to get rid of the UGLY carpet in our living and dining rooms. But I’ve also always wanted a darker/deeper brown floor. I am NOT a fan of the washed out red/cherry floors that we currently have. (see ugly carpet here and our current hardwood here.

So, my first stop this morning was to Dan Higgins Warehouse. Wow, I was soooo overwhelmed. They have so many choices and the warehouse walls and floors are covered with different colors/styles/brands. But they made it so much easier for me with an hour long presentation of products.. I felt like I took HARDWOOD FLOORS 101!

Here are my main requirements…
1. I want to go dark, but am not sure if I want a chocolate-y brown or something with redtones coming through.
2. I want something that will hold up well…the strongest possible wood. Two toddlers will be dropping and throwing toys on the floors. I also have a 65 lb german shepherd that loves to run and play and will definitely contribute her share of scratches!
3. I prefer something that is as budget friendly as possible…is that really possible when putting in wood?

So, based on my needs & my likes they suggested an oak wood with lots of texture and pattern coming through the finish. Texture & pattern will hide flaws, be less likely to show dirt, and really just come with “character!”

I took home 2 samples that I really love to see how they’d look in my home during day & night. I was also drawn to the re-engineeered wood. I thought it wood be friendlier on the budget but it was not! SOOOO surprised at that. The other drawback about it is that it cannot be sanded down and refinished in another color like the real hardwood can. I want this option because we will sell the house someday and it gives the new owners flexibility in case they do not like the color that I pick.

After my morning at Dan Higgins, I went to Home Depot. NO ONE in the flooring dept. offered to help me so I simply grabbed the 3 tiny samples you see above and headed out!

BTW, the one that I am leaning toward right now is the wider, 5 inch planks that you see on the left side of the photo above. It is a Johnson floor, Oak handscraped, color Chesnut. The sample on the right with the narrow planks is my FAVORITE COLOR/TEXTURE. It is by Shaw and called Mineral Bluff. Unfortunately it does not come in wider plank (BOO!!)

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January 22, 2012

OLEBY Sheepskin on Bertoia Chairs

I’m just waiting for my new dining room table to arrive: the 17TH C. MONASTERY DINING TABLE by Restoration Hardware.

I’ve been chair shopping but I’m hesitant to buy anything until I see the new table in my dining room. I decided to soften my bertoia style chairs with some fluffy faux sheepskins from IKEA. They are called OLEBY and are only $9.99 each! I figured that for this price if they do not work I can use them elsewhere in my home. If they do work with the new table then I’ll only need end chairs. (I already have a few chairs in mind, I’ll post my chair picks later this week.)

Next on the 2 do list:
*new hardwood floors (the carpet is finally going to go in 2012…i seriously cannot wait!)
*new shades for dining room and master bedroom
*curtains for master bedroom
*refinish furniture for my daughters bedroom
*artwork for dining room
*kitchen remodel (yes, pretty much everything!)

a few more of my dining room…i cant wait for my new table!

& here is a little more sheepskin on dining chair inspiration. I LOVE the last pic. The bertoia chairs look much softer with the farm style table:

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June 26, 2011

White Banister

What do you think of white banisters? I was inspired by one of Greg Natale’s designs, and decided to have our’s painted white. We only have a 1/2 rail with a split staircase so it is not quite as dramatic, but here it is:


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March 14, 2011

my dining room coming together

do you remember this craigslist table that i purchased?

well, it finally has chairs!

here is some info about the chairs!

and a better photo of the jupiter chandelier:

my husband and i hung it this weekend and it was NOT easy. it is heavy and definitely a 2 person job. but we were happy that we were able to hang it ourselves and save some money!

now i just need some artwork on the wall, and possibly some new vases on the table to add some color.

next project: replace the ugly ceiling light fixtures on the main floor!

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February 4, 2011

Homegoods Office Accessories

i stopped in at Homegoods this morning to look for a few accessories for my office. my husband gave me his office so i am in the process of reorganizing/decorating!

i picked up the purple faux leather pencil holder as well as the python print large box to store some of my clutter!

the large python print box will go one of my shelves (once i hang them!) it was $12.99 and i am currently storing my letter stamps inside. (as well as some other clutter :)

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January 21, 2011

braided stripe jute rug

i just ordered this 2 X 3 West Elm Jute rug for my front door. i’ve been looking for a neutral rug for a few weeks and this one was my favorite. the closest West Elm is in Philly so instead i ordered from an Ebay seller. (new with tags & with shipping it actually ended up being $1 cheaper!) can’t wait for it to arrive next week! what kind of rug do you have at your front door?

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January 14, 2011

dining room chair idea

i am considering these Bertoia style chairs for my dining room. they are a reproduction of the original Knoll Bertoia Side Chair that i am somewhat obsessed with! (only these are only $499/4 chairs! vs $481/1 chair!)

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November 12, 2010

fresh paint!

a peak into our new family room! the paint is a subtle grey called City Loft. it looks white in this pic – i’ll try to get a photo with the shades open once i get the room put back together. (you can also see the the new throw pillows i bought yesterday.) i would love to paint the brassy stripes of the fireplace. any ideas?

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