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October 22, 2012

Stella Dining Chairs

My Stella Armchairs just arrived. I can’t wait to set the table!

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October 12, 2012

Modern Downton Abbey

I’m sure everyone has heard of Downton Abbey by now.  I just finished watching the first season and am definitely hooked! The costumes, the language, and especially the home decor.  I love how fancy it is with rich draperies and chandeliers.  I was pondering what would a modern era abbey-esq home would look like and this space seems to be the perfect combo of glamour and modern.  This is exactly what I want my first home to look like!  All white walls with splashes of color and chandelier glamour.  On another note, I’m off to Puerto Rico!  I’m hoping to take a few snaps of interiors from the island and will share it with you next week.  Have a great weekend. xo -ijin


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October 8, 2012

Stella vs. Brissa Armchair

Last week I discovered that the Brissa Armchair (which I had been saving up for) is NOT only sold at Neimans & Horchow! I found the SAME EXACT chair at

Two chairs at High Fashion home = $898 including shipping vs. 2 chairs @ Neimans = over $1500! I will finally be able to seat 6 at my dining room table!

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September 27, 2012

Modern Decor in a Vintage Flat

Some fabulous decor inspiration via Nuevo Estilo today. The dining & living rooms are my favorite. Especially that antique magenta love seat and dining room chandelier. I also love that they’ve accessorized with bright PURPLE tulips.


July 12, 2012

Colorful Dining Room Chairs

The bright upholstery on these dining room chairs caught my attention! What do you think? Would you try something like this in your dining room? I love how she matched them perfectly to the art work.

& I love the chandelier in her kitchen. (I have the same Jupiter Chandelier in my dining room. (more…)

June 23, 2012

Apartment Staging

Staging has become such an important part of selling a home. I guess most people cannot see through crap & clutter, & they don’t want to have to visualize what “could be!” Here is a beautiful (& SMALL) NYC apartment that has been staged so beautifully! Seriously gorgeous. I love that they used a HUGE dining room table- room to seat 10! It really shows the length of the room. & those caribbean blue chairs in the living room are just stunning! To view the entire property visit

February 28, 2012

Sideboard Makeover

Speaking of sideboards for my dining room

I finally decided on something! Autumn Rollick is making over this fantastic piece for me. It has the square lines that I wanted, interesting lattice like detail which gives it a bit of “sweetness!”…and it is being painted in high gloss Benjamin Moore white to give it a bit more of a modern feel!

Here is a sneak peak:

(I cannot wait to show it off and fill it with pretty dinnerware when finished!)

My new piece kind of reminds me of this console: (isn’t this room corner fantastic?)

via tumblr

February 27, 2012

Gold Beaded Charger Plates

I just found these on Joss & Main. I purchased 2 sets of 4. I’m hoping they help dress up my IKEA dishes. FUN!

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February 14, 2012

Louis Style Chairs

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Here are a few pieces that I am thinking about for the dining room. I am pretty focused on chairs at the moment. I’ve decided on a dark color upholstered dining chair. I think it will be a nice contrast to the white/grey walls plus spills/dirt will be less noticeable. I’m hoping to find a louis style chair in purple or black. & maybe louis style arm chairs at the heads of the table? Not quite sure yet!

I threw in a brass shelf and beautiful bench that I would love in my living room. I could browse eBay for hours!

February 13, 2012

New Table

A few photos of our new dining table. It is the 17TH C. MONASTERY DINING TABLE from Restoration Hardware. I was nervous about how it would look but am so relieved…I love the antique grey tones of it with our dark hardwood.

It will be so nice to serve dinner on a larger table. No more running out of space!

So, next up: dining chairs. I have 2 picked out…will share tomorrow.

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February 10, 2012

Purple Dining Chairs

After seeing the purple chairs at Homegoods a few days ago, I have purple on my mind. I actually went back to see them. I was thinking that I could add a nailhead trim around the seat of the chair to give them some oomph! Here is another pic of them:

Unfortunately, when I went back to take a look I saw that the fabric was really snagged on one of the chairs. It was a really cheap fabric. I think I’d rather have velvet or even a faux leather! So, I am back on the hunt for chairs.

Samantha Pynn Inc

painted chairs with nailhead trim by Samantha Pynn Inc

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February 9, 2012

Dining Chairs

I stopped in at HomeGoods yesterday and was surprised at the cute selection of dining chairs. My new table is going to be delivered tomorrow and I have no idea what kind of chairs that I want. I kind of love the style of the 2nd chairs, the color of the purple chairs, and the detail of the nailheads on the 4th chair! All 3 of the chairs (minus the 1st ones) are only $149.99 each!

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January 22, 2012

OLEBY Sheepskin on Bertoia Chairs

I’m just waiting for my new dining room table to arrive: the 17TH C. MONASTERY DINING TABLE by Restoration Hardware.

I’ve been chair shopping but I’m hesitant to buy anything until I see the new table in my dining room. I decided to soften my bertoia style chairs with some fluffy faux sheepskins from IKEA. They are called OLEBY and are only $9.99 each! I figured that for this price if they do not work I can use them elsewhere in my home. If they do work with the new table then I’ll only need end chairs. (I already have a few chairs in mind, I’ll post my chair picks later this week.)

Next on the 2 do list:
*new hardwood floors (the carpet is finally going to go in 2012…i seriously cannot wait!)
*new shades for dining room and master bedroom
*curtains for master bedroom
*refinish furniture for my daughters bedroom
*artwork for dining room
*kitchen remodel (yes, pretty much everything!)

a few more of my dining room…i cant wait for my new table!

& here is a little more sheepskin on dining chair inspiration. I LOVE the last pic. The bertoia chairs look much softer with the farm style table:

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March 14, 2011

my dining room coming together

do you remember this craigslist table that i purchased?

well, it finally has chairs!

here is some info about the chairs!

and a better photo of the jupiter chandelier:

my husband and i hung it this weekend and it was NOT easy. it is heavy and definitely a 2 person job. but we were happy that we were able to hang it ourselves and save some money!

now i just need some artwork on the wall, and possibly some new vases on the table to add some color.

next project: replace the ugly ceiling light fixtures on the main floor!

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February 11, 2011

spaces by Ngoc Minh Ngo

do you spend endless hours scouring the web for design spaces? i just want to cut and paste all of these rooms into a scrapbook. there are so many talented stylists and photographers out there and i just don’t have enough time to browse.

these are some of my favorites from Ngoc Minh Ngo.

November 19, 2010

LOVE this dining room

a vintage farm table, modern chairs, and chic chandelier! i would LOVE a dining room with this look/feel some day! (photos via Nuevo Estilo)

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November 14, 2010

Craigslist Table Before & After



do you remember this Craigslist table i purchased for $50 last winter? well i finally got started on my project. i sanded and painted the first 2 coats today and it is coming along nicely. i am using Behr Ultra in Popped Corn (Matte) i will let it dry all afternoon in the sun today and then hopefully finish it next weekend (depending on the weather!) i am going to ditch the chairs and probably find something a bit more modern to mix and match with the table. i am also on the lookout for a new chandelier to hang above the table. i hope to have this all done by Christmas.

October 28, 2010

white dining table inspiration

i love this style chair- i’ve never seen them painted/distressed white before but they look amazing! this dining room is in a beautiful beach house in Cape Town. photos from

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October 1, 2010

design consulting in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Home Company is a family-run cooperative of artists and builders committed to creating world-class and innovative living spaces in Brooklyn.

don’t they do amazing work?? i wish they would stop over at my home in NJ for some major design consulting!!

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September 17, 2010

colorful dining chairs

the dining area is definitely the focal point in this cool room. i love the bold statement of the chairs. i would never think of mixing all of the different colors with this table and admire the creativity!

Shoot Factory

August 31, 2010

dining rooms and tablecloths

do you use a tablecloth in your dining room? i am seeing them more and more – it seems like they are back in style. they add a nice vintage element to the room. here are some of my favorite looks from

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August 22, 2010

Gudrun Sjödén

a beautiful European store that sells clothing and home furnishings from around the world. LOVE this store..unfortunately no US stores yet! hopefully soon.

visit Gudrun Sjödén

August 7, 2010

pink stripes

do you like these stripes? i would never have the courage to try something so bold, but it makes the room so interesting with the dark wood furniture and floors.

BOLIG Magasinet

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June 22, 2009

rooms to eat


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May 27, 2009

fresh and traditional

interior design by Michelle Morgan Harrison.

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May 24, 2009

Apartment in the center of Copenhagen

i love everything about this home. i think my favorite room is the dining room. i love the big wood table, beautiful chandelier, and bookcases. i would also love to see more of this woman’s wardrobe and shoe collection :)

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