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July 21, 2011

Buenos Aires Chateau

Today on tour of palatial estates is this 7.4 acre, 41,983 sq ft Mansion in Buenos Aires. Ok, well this is NOT actually a chateau, but it had me fooled. Built in 1932, it has stone walls, and rooms are surrounded by wide galleries and internal corridors. No price is listed for this property, I hate when they do that! Don’t you love to see the price tag for enormous estates?

…There is a smoking room covered with book shelves and woodwork. It features chimneys with hand-carved marble brought from Europe. Along the stair-case antique stained-glass windows and wrought iron handrails can be appreciated. On the upper level there are 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms all boasting sunny stunning views over the different areas of the gardens. It also features a splendid terrace that leads to the mansard roof originally designed as the service-quarters, which includes 9 more bedrooms and spacious laundry and ironing rooms. There is a basement along the whole property’s surface. It maintains an Époque’s industrial kitchen, a chapel and even a dungeon.

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