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October 29, 2013

Master BEDROOM Wish List


I’m currently redecorating my little ones new shared bedroom so thought I’d put together a few ideas for my own bedroom… It is coming next! (not sure when exactly that is) I am hoping to start the project late winter. Anyway, the budget is tight since we are in a rental but I do want to spiff it up a bit. DEFINITELY a romantic pendant light fixture!…

1. West Elm White Bed Frame
2. Patrick Townsend White Orbit Chandelier
3. Facetta Chair
4. Plum & Ashby Candles
5. Eco Cross Cream/Black Blanket
6. Marc Schmitz Oil Painting
7. Mid-Century Nightstand, Acorn
8. Picture Frame Terrarium
9. LOVE Pillow Cover
10. Casa Noir Tissue House
11. Antique Anatolia Turkish Kilim Rug
12. Yellow Polka Dot Duvet/Quilt Cover
13. Clover Grey Sheet Sets
14. Eames® Hang-It-All, Black
15. Shoreline Mirror
16. Orange Rose & Bud Round Glass
17. Menagerie Pillow, Rabbit
18. Animal Lacquer Jewelry Box
19. Livingston Candelabra – Gold
20. Zen Bamboo Laundry Hamper

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January 9, 2013

10 Winter Bedrooms



Since I spend MOST of my time blogging from bed after the kids go to bed, I wanted to share some cozy bedrooms that would definitely inspire creativity. I could cuddle up in any of these beds all weekend long with my laptop! Which room inspires your creativity most? I’d pick #3 or #6!










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December 21, 2012

A Home in Goa

Vacationing in India for a month was an adventure to say the least. We visited many family homes in different states with different cultures and the homes were all decorated with traditional Indian items like paintings and colorful fabrics.  This home is located in Goa, India and is available for rent. Casa Tota is a 150 year old Portuguese house, carefully and lovingly restored. I decided to share this home, because it has all the elements of homes I visited there.  The canopy beds are quite common and the urns for fresh flowers is just gorgeous!  Interiors in India is known for it’s rich use of color and beautiful wood carved furniture passed down from generations. I just love how they used old Bollywood movie posters as art – I couldn’t find it in India this time around, but I’m sure I can find similar posters on line. Have a great Holiday weekend- enjoy it with your loved ones. -ijin

image source


September 19, 2012

Maximising the Potential of Your Guest Room

No one likes a bad host, so don’t fall into the trap of giving your guests a horrible night’s sleep. Below are four simple tips to make you room feel less like a hotel, and more like it should be: an extension of your house to people you care deeply about.


1) Choose the right bed

When furnishing your guest room, the first thing to consider is what kind of guest bed to provide for your visitors. In an ideal world a sumptuous four-poster bed would be perfect as it would add a layer of grandeur to your room. However, we don’t all have the space for this, so you have two far more practical options:

  • A sofa bed: It doubles up as a seating area for your guests (something you of course have to account for) and if you are limited on space, it can fold away neatly so it won’t dominate the room.
  • Twin beds: Although you may think a double bed is more welcoming, twin beds are far more versatile. They can be pushed together to mimic a double bed, or separated when required.
  • A day bed: generally designed with patterns, a day bed does a great job of adding a stylish look and can turn your small guest room into a living room in a flash.

2) Choose sensible furniture

You will inevitably need to provide storage options for your guests, but with a limited space you may find yourself up against a brick wall, unsure where to turn.  Below are some furniture necessities:

  • A Narrow Chest of Drawers: This will allow your guests to store their clothes in an organised way, and it will also work wonders for your décor. Their slim design looks elegant and it will draw focus away from the floor: creating the illusion of a larger space.
  • A Wardrobe with a mirror: Your guest shouldn’t be forced to live out of a suitcase, so it is important to provide a wardrobe. By choosing a wardrobe with a full length mirror you can kill two birds with one stone and also cater to their vanity needs.
  • A Bedside Table: A bedside table will create a more homely feel for your guests. My top tip is to buy a bedside table with a glass top: any nasty drink stains can be easily cleaned, and it will also give a classy look to your bedroom.

3) Curtains should never be forgotten

You wouldn’t want to sleep in a room without curtains, and you equally wouldn’t want to sleep in a room with poor curtains. So the easiest solution is:

  • Blackout curtains: They will prevent your guests being awoken at the crack of dawn and, on a hot summer’s afternoon, they will act as a heat barrier and transform your guest room from a sauna into a cool living space.

4) Add a personal touch

Whatever anyone tells you, the little things in life make a huge difference. Your guestroom is not a hotel room, so don’t treat it like one. Be sure to add the following to create a comfortable, relaxed stay for your guests:

  • Pillows, Pillows, and more Pillows: By including an abundance of pillows you will make your room look warm and welcoming, and you won’t make your guests have an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
  • A good stack of books and DVDs: By having a selection of good books and DVDs for your guests to enjoy it will make them feel right at home.

About our Guest Blogger:
Paul is part of the interior design team for Wedo Beds, an online retailer specialising in comfortable beds and bedroom furniture, and he is happy to share his design tips with you. For more information visit the Wedo Beds online shop.

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June 6, 2012

Spiff up your BEDROOM!

If you’re thinking about a master bedroom facelift, consider a contemporary bed that makes a bold statement. One of my favorite styles of the moment is the faux leather tufted bed. Tufted beds really dress up the room.

To make the most of your space be sure to center your new bed on a windowless wall. Adding contemporary artwork, or a nice mirror and modern lighting will help to complete your new bedroom look. click here for more styles!

Tufted beds also go nicely with almost any style bedside table & wardrobe. I love bedside tables with drawers for my magazines and books. They are also great if you are looking for extra clothing storage space. Nesting tables are great for the bedroom too. And they can easily be moved to the living room if you decide to change up your decor!

Who really needs large closets when there are so many pretty wardrobes to choose from! My favorite wardrobes are those with both shelves and drawers inside.

Children’s rooms are most fun to decorate. One of my favorite styles as a child was the loft bed. Loft beds are great for small spaces as well. Set up a nice study area or cozy reading nook underneath the bed. Bunk beds are great for shared rooms. They take up very little space leaving lots of play room for kids. I love the look of a colorful striped rug beside a metal bunk bed.

Novelty beds are a great way to decorate a themed room. I know my kids would LOVE to sleep in a fire truck or a castle bed. These beds are affordable and double as “toys” for playing make believe!


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March 29, 2012

Distressed, Pink Bed

A gorgeous full sized bed is for sale at Chrissie’s Collection. Light pink with light distressing, only $300! (wish I lived in the area, this is a bargain!)

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November 22, 2011

Black Wall as Headboard

A dramatic but interesting idea! Too masculine or do you like it? Via The Brick House.

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September 27, 2011

Funky Bunk Designs

by Christine Hart

If you’re helping a teen redecorate his or her bedroom, consider contemporary bunk beds for the colorful, distinctive styles and creative layout possibilities.

To make the most of your space and to choose the design that will delight your teen, there are several imaginative types of bunk frames you’ll want to browse. These bunk bed frame styles are great for inspiration while you’re in the idea-generating phase.

Funky Bunk Styles:

  • Loft bunks (just 1 bed on top)
  • Bunks with stairs (instead of a ladder)
  • Bunks with desks
  • Triple bunks

Rockin’ & Vibrant

 Lea My Style Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed 6 Piece Bedroom Set

Nothing says urban or edgy like bold blacks, paired with intense vivid color. Look for collections that come in multiple finishes to achieve this look. You’ll have a coordinated style, without committing to a complete bedroom set in one strong color. Browse Lea bunk beds from collections like My Style (shown above).

Soft & Subtle

 Lea Spring Garden Twin Low Loft Bed

Alternately, your teen might be into the softer side of design, and you’ll find bunks for this look too. Try the Secret Garden Collection (shown above with a pink loft bunk). Just the name can inspire more décor accents to really personalize the room. Think vine decals, a skeleton key-shaped wall rack – for keys or jewelry – and a wicker chair on the side.

Adaptable Foundations

Bunk beds are such a versatile design choice, you might opt for an understated finish that lets other interior accents establish your theme. In those cases, look for natural shades of wood, choosing the unique layout that best fits your space before you decide on the colors and shapes to surround it.

 Lea Deer Run Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set

 Lea My Place Loft Bed 4 Piece Bedroom Set

 Lea Freetime Wood Bunk Bed in White Finish

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August 15, 2011

Vintage Poster Beds

I’ve been searching for a twin or full size vintage bed (like one of these) on Etsy/Ebay for weeks. I am hoping to purchase something under $100 to paint- so preferably something a bit chippy and not perfect/shiny maple! I love all 3 of these which I found on Ebay but they are all $250 plus… I’ll keep looking!

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July 13, 2011

1000 Square Foot Montreal Apt.

This 1000 square foot Montreal apartment completely blew me away! My favorite room is the colorful master bedroom with those gorgeous pocket doors and unique vintage chandelier.

Loving the vintage artwork and stripe-y black and white run. They sell a similar one at IKEA.

WOW = the bright yellow lamp base. Create one using spray paint!

Needlepoint pillows add so much interest.

more @ Style at Home

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June 9, 2011

Icelandic Sheepskins

I’m obsessing over these long haired Icelandic sheep skins from Black Sheep White Light. They are so beautiful and surprisingly affordable!

More sheepskin decor inspiration:

via Emmas Design Blogg



via Emmas Design Blogg

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April 7, 2011

The Floating Bed

it seems like cozy, lounging spots are the new trend. i’d been wanting a Bird’s Nest, but now i am thinking one of these Floating Beds looks fantastic!

found via

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February 16, 2011

a beautiful bedroom & a granny square blanket

so simple and perfect! via

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October 21, 2010

can pink be masculine?

there is something really cool and confident about this man’s room. if you were dating a guy and he showed you his pink bedroom would you immediately judge? can a straight guy realistically have a pink bedroom? i don’t think so, but i do love this room!

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October 6, 2010

Anthropologie fall bedding

have you seen the pretty new bedding at Anthropologie? i love all the BOLD colors and quilt work. in the catalogue they mix and match different prints and it looks amazing! i would never have thought to do that. as much as i love the colorful quilts and duvets, i like to stick with white on our bed. i have my eye on the Cirrus Bedding in white.

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September 10, 2010

tree branch closet

this is such a cozy bedroom. i LOVE the idea of hanging a few pretty pieces of clothing on a tree branch! (and the chandelier is fab too!) from

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August 24, 2010

tree branch bed


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August 22, 2010

Gudrun Sjödén

a beautiful European store that sells clothing and home furnishings from around the world. LOVE this store..unfortunately no US stores yet! hopefully soon.

visit Gudrun Sjödén

January 26, 2010

new bedskirt

i just purchased this bedskirt from anthropologie. it was on clearance for $29.95 (down from $128.00!) plus i had a $25 gift card from christmas so i really only paid $5 plus shipping. once i finish putting the bedding together i will post some photos. (the new duvet is a textured white set from Ikea- unfortunately i could not find a photo on their website)

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August 17, 2009

2 things from UO

for the NY apt? 1. fleece blanket

2. deer head…maybe some decoupage or spray paint?

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June 19, 2009


a bedroom by Lotus Bleu Interior Design.

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June 3, 2009

pink baroque bedroom

images from

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May 24, 2009

Apartment in the center of Copenhagen

i love everything about this home. i think my favorite room is the dining room. i love the big wood table, beautiful chandelier, and bookcases. i would also love to see more of this woman’s wardrobe and shoe collection :)

May 19, 2009

my sister’s house…

i was in MN over mother’s day weekend and have been meaning to put these pics up. my sister and bro in law have the cutest little house in MPLS!

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May 19, 2009

Houseboat in the port of Copenhagen

Photos by Mikkel Strange

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May 4, 2009

african safari style

these images are from the Singita Game Reserves South African Lodges. hopefully someday i will be taking these photos with my own camara!

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May 3, 2009

almost perfect bedroom

for me this bedroom is almost perfect. i love the brick wall, chandelier, and classic white down comforter and duvet! the only things i would change are the pillows and the floor!
Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton

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