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December 21, 2012

A Home in Goa

Vacationing in India for a month was an adventure to say the least. We visited many family homes in different states with different cultures and the homes were all decorated with traditional Indian items like paintings and colorful fabrics.  This home is located in Goa, India and is available for rent. Casa Tota is a 150 year old Portuguese house, carefully and lovingly restored. I decided to share this home, because it has all the elements of homes I visited there.  The canopy beds are quite common and the urns for fresh flowers is just gorgeous!  Interiors in India is known for it’s rich use of color and beautiful wood carved furniture passed down from generations. I just love how they used old Bollywood movie posters as art – I couldn’t find it in India this time around, but I’m sure I can find similar posters on line. Have a great Holiday weekend- enjoy it with your loved ones. -ijin

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November 2, 2012

Interiors from Puerto Rico

Hello all. This post is a week delayed-life kinda got in the way ; -) Anywhoo, these are pictures of the hotel I stayed in San Juan, Puerto Rico on vacation.  I really liked the modern/sexy vibe through out the entire hotel area.  The bedroom was very modern with an over-sized picture backdrop and the ocean front room didn’t hurt either. ☺ My favorite piece was the bubble chandelier – I have been thinking of doing a DIY of this.  I will share when/if I ever make it.

This piece is from a museum in Old San Juan.  I’m definitely inspired to get a bunch of ply wood, blow up a great scenic picture and maybe mod podge it? What do you guys think? Will it work?  On another note, I will be leaving for India this weekend- see you in a month with hopefully some inspiring interior images!  ♥ -ijin

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October 12, 2012

Modern Downton Abbey

I’m sure everyone has heard of Downton Abbey by now.  I just finished watching the first season and am definitely hooked! The costumes, the language, and especially the home decor.  I love how fancy it is with rich draperies and chandeliers.  I was pondering what would a modern era abbey-esq home would look like and this space seems to be the perfect combo of glamour and modern.  This is exactly what I want my first home to look like!  All white walls with splashes of color and chandelier glamour.  On another note, I’m off to Puerto Rico!  I’m hoping to take a few snaps of interiors from the island and will share it with you next week.  Have a great weekend. xo -ijin


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September 29, 2012

Powder Rooms

It seems wallpaper is all the rage these days and I am not complaining one bit.  There are so many modern options ranging from stripes to graphic animals.  I think the best room to get started with wallpaper is the powder room, it’s a smaller space and modern wallpapers like these will definitely light up the room.  I’m really liking these black and white rooms.  How do you feel about the wallpaper trend?  Would you go for it?  Have a great weekend folks! -ijin


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September 14, 2012

The OMBRE Effect

Ombre seem to be a growing trend these days from ombre hair to even painted walls!  Isn’t this wall perfection?! Perfect execution and I just love the all the shades of mint.  I wouldn’t mind trying this out for the entry way or even the powder room.  Go here to get the instructions on this awesome DIY! Have a great weekend. -ijin

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August 31, 2012


I was browsing through stylist, Rita Konig’s portfolio and found some of her work to have one thing in common, groupings of pictures.  I’ve seen this trend getting really popular lately too.  I like all the collections of small photos grouped together to make one big art piece.  It’s less costly than a large painting and so much more interesting to me.  Each picture tells a story and can go on for hours as conversation piece at a house party.  And, how about those shoes coming out of the fireplace! Definitely a stylist thing, but I can see it working at a cool girl’s pad.

I saw this image from a house tour on apartment therapy.  I thought the idea was so cool! A collection of Polaroids and small photos in a bowl on the coolest side table I’ve ever seen! I’m definitely doing this for my eclectic home.  It’s effortlessly chic!  -ijin

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August 17, 2012

Decorating with Trays

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You may have noticed all the craze about trays lately!  Easy to see why – trays can make any space look put together whether it’s styling a coffee table or a small bar.  I would love to get the Hermes tray, but I’ll opt for more affordable options like the ones below.  West Elm is having a sale right now-check them out here before it’s gone!

Till next time friends! Have a wonderful weekend. ~ijin


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August 3, 2012

Ijin’s Picks: Stylish DIY’s

Hi All. I must admit, curating this round-up took much longer than I anticipated.  There are so many “DIY’s” around the web that look exactly what it is, DIY.  Hence, I wanted to avoid that and found these super stylish ideas worth trying.  The Tie Dye sheets from DesignLoveFest looks too fab not to try.  I was looking for tall candles and finally found the solution.  The Upholstered wall hangings will be my first DIY when I get a house.  Which one would you make?

~ijin of Ijinku. {Web and Graphic Designer} Check out my website and blog for more. 

1. Tie Dye Sheets 2. DIY Branch Clothing Rack 3. Monoprint Pillow 4.Super Long Taper Candles 5. DIY upholstered wall hangings

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