October 7, 2014

3 Quirky Style Elements To Incorporate Into Your Living Room

While outfitting your living room with new furniture, you must capture the fun of your youth with exciting pieces. Look through all of the available offerings to find furniture that reflects your favorite activities as a kid. You can obtain chairs that look like swings, tables that nest together and lamps made from a variety of interesting objects to make your home look unlike any other.

Suspended Chairs

You can capture the freedom and fun of childhood by hanging two Bolo suspended chairs from your living room ceiling. This egg-shaped seat features a stylish clear shell that hangs from the ceiling from a rubber-encased chain. A soft red cushion sits snugly inside of the shell to give your bottom and back the support it needs. You can gently swing back and forth in the chair or simply sit still while suspended a few feet from the ground. Users love to lounge in the chairs for intense gaming sessions or to watch interesting television shows.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables mimic the function and excitement of dolls and blocks with the same purpose. You can find Aura nesting tables made out of stainless steel materials that look great in any room. Furthermore, these tables are incredibly easy to clean due to their advanced metal construction. Arrange the tables in fun configurations or store them as a nested set until you need an extra table. Whatever arrangement you choose, these tables will make your living room stand out from the pack.

Novel Lamps

Complete your youthful living room layout by adding a few novel lamps to the mix. Utilize a few of your tables to hold the foot tall lamps or place taller models directly on the floor. Found material lamps are all the rage right now. You can find lamps made from plumbing materials, like pumps and pipes. You can also find lamps made out of interesting objects, including guns, horses and abstract art. With all of the options available today, make sure the lamps reflect your own personality and style choices to find the perfect ones for your home.

Finding The Right Layout

You may have to move the objects around several times to find a layout you’re happy with. If you’re unwilling to hook the chairs to the ceiling more than once, consider imagining the layout or sketching it out before committing to their placement. Tables and lamps are easier to move around until you find the perfect spot for those items.

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