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August 28, 2013

Vintage Magazine Cover Beach Towels


Living in Arizona means a LOT more pool & splash pad time! I’m currently updating my beach towel collection. Beach towels are kind of like accessories these days, & I love it. Some of my favorites include the collection of vintage magazine cover beach towels by the Condé Nast Collection. You can find them on sale today at GILT or visit Amazon.

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August 24, 2013

Light & White Washed Wood Floors


I am kind of obsessed with light wood floors lately. Last year I had dark hard wood floors put on the entire main floor, but in our next house I plan to go LIGHT! Here are 5 of my favorite ideas for inspiration.

1. Looks like a bleached pine wood floor with a few knots in the wood.

2. bleached white wood floors, wider planks. These floors almost look unfinished.

3. Super white washed, narrow wood plank floors

4. white washed herringbone wood floors

5. white washed pine floors LOVE that piano!

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August 23, 2013

Cactus Inspiration


Now that we are living in the southwest, I’ve been looking for some fun ways to plant succulents and mini cacti for the back patio. I’m just collection photos and cannot wait to plant some colorful plants!


*images via PINTEREST

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August 22, 2013

Kate Spade AZ Store


Over the weekend my husband and I stopped over at the Kate Spade store at the Fashion Square Mall (in Scottsdale, AZ!)

They were having a HUGE sale & it was pretty fabulous- as was the store. Shopping at Kate Spade is so much fun because the store is designed so beautifully & it is so COLORFUL! I love the gold/white wallpaper and the white striped pattern on the ebony floors.

Have you ever been to a Kate Spade store? Which one? Did you purchase anything over the weekend sale? (scroll down to see the shoes I bought!)


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August 21, 2013

Geometric Painted Wall


I fell in love with this wall over on She taped off patterns, then mixed really soft pastels to get the desired result. WOW, stunning!

Check out

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August 20, 2013

4 Pretty Things

pastels1COLORFUL blanket, jade green glass lamps, oblique jewelry box, turquoise bar cart

Some pretty pastels I’m lusting over this evening. I’m dreaming of white painted wood floors and pops of colorful accessories! That blanket is to die for, don’t you think?

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August 20, 2013

Ways to Improve Your Home Without Moving

It is only natural for a homeowner to become less excited by their property if they have lived there for years or feel like they have outgrown their home. Although it is easy to think about moving, it’s a completely different prospect entirely actually doing it.

In these continually tough financial times and a somewhat stale housing market, moving house is a huge decision to make. It might be better for you and your family to consider ways of reinvigorating your property without the stress of selling, buying and moving your life to another location.

Here are some tips for improving your home instead of moving that can also add value to your property.


If you have the space, perhaps in the garden, then an extension is a great way of creating more space in your home. It will cost money and will reduce the size of the garden but could be a vital step to get more room without moving.

Think about which type of room you are lacking: if you need a new bedroom for a new arrival, then build a new bedroom but if your living room is tiny then the extension can act as an extended lounge space.

Choose a design suitable to your house – don’t go for modern when your property is Victorian, for example.

Loft conversion

When there is no space horizontally and you do not have a garden big enough to add an extra room, a loft conversion is a great idea. It is no small task and a proper building job will certainly be required but a converted loft can be one of the best ways to add value to your house.

If your loft is tall and already spacious it could be a prime candidate for a value-increasing conversion, but you need to make sure it is completed to a high standard. Get the professionals in if you don’t have the experience of doing this yourself.

Knock through walls

Sometimes a property can look small if there are a lot of rooms on a floor with many walls in between. Walls are bold and, depending on your point of view, obstructive; particularly as many modern homes are in the open-plan style.

Knocking through a wall or two to turn two smaller rooms into one large space is a good thing to consider if you feel your home lacks room. If you have a separate kitchen and dining room then this could be combined into one functional area.

Kitchen re-fit

Your kitchen might have been fitted when you moved in 10 years ago and that means it could be well past its use-by date. A kitchen re-fit doesn’t have to be too costly and is a great idea to pursue.

A new kitchen can really create a buzz about your home but remember it is one of the rooms which will suffer the most wear and tear so needs to be regularly maintained and decorated.

Whatever changes you decide to make, it is important that you spare a thought for the protection needed for your home. This means looking at important policies, such as The Co-operative home insurance, and taking necessary action.

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August 19, 2013

Scandinavian Styled Home


Some images from a Norwegian home that I just adore this morning. I love Kaspara’s scandinavian style, and my FAVORITE room in her home is the kitchen/dining space. Love that large white dining table with those mix n’ match dining chairs- & how she painted some bright white and others in a pretty peach shade.

After seeing her bedroom, I am tempted to buy the STENKLÖVER duvet for myself! SO cute!



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