July 5, 2013

Decorating Around Your Red Sofa

The idea of decorating around your sofa is a new notion to many, but it’s quick and easy to do, and the finishing look can be very impressive.

If you have already got (or have recently bought) a red sofa, you may be finding it difficult to fit into your living space. Bright colours such as this can often present home owners with the problem of how to accessorise it with the existing décor.

One way to really create something striking is with a feature wall. This can either be a whole wall painted the same red colour as your sofa, or if you want a less obvious look, incorporate the red into the wall using a contemporary-looking wallpaper. You can also do a similar thing with ornaments and other furniture; use a mirror or a clock with a red frame, or choose some red vases or some vibrant red flowers.

Coffee tables and end tables are always a great addition to a living space, and a nest of tables adds to the practicality of them even more. Consider dark wood or glass to go with your sofa, or perhaps a contrasting colour that is already used elsewhere in the room.

Picking out the same shade and using it as a highlight in the walls and accessories in the room can really help to tie the room together

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  1. I’ve been longing for a red velvet sofa for years, and finally, got one for my bedroom. Instead of trying to match the sofa, I kept the bedding and walls white and accented with pops of varying shades of red and other complimentary colors. I love the look and couldn’t be happier with my red velvet sofa!

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