June 19, 2013

Summer time bathroom makeover


As the hot weather approaches those indoor home improvement projects become more and more appealing. Here are some ideas for updating your bathroom that you can do yourself. No matter what type of remodeler you are these ideas will defiantly keep you busy during the hot summer months ahead.

If you pride yourself as fashionable modern home owner consider something sleek and modern, as your bathroom sink shouldn’t be the entire focus of your bathroom. If you find that your high end fashion sense isn’t satisfied by a traditional looking sink try a wall mounted sink. This will open up a huge amount of space in your bathroom allowing you to splurge on that pricey handmade shower curtain you’ve had your eye on.

If you are looking to makeover a child’s bathroom get creative, install a above counter sink that sits 6 inches in height above the countertop. You could easily let your children paint this sink to give it a little personality and it would serve as a great indoor activity.

When choosing a summer project remember to keep it simple, make sure that you have all the materials you need before getting started and most importantly make it fun!

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