October 16, 2012

Spice up your bedroom with an upholstered bed

Upholstered furniture does a great job of setting the tone in a room and it has become particularly popular in bedroom decorating. Upholstery was introduced into the bedroom thanks to patterned and striking headboards that magnificently complement any beds. They add elegance to a bedroom and you can choose them either clean-lined, to bring modernity to your bed, or else patterned and very detailed to evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.

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Add some upholstery to your bedroom by adding a stylish headboard to your bed, or you could also go for the entire bed that will include an upholstered frame with a headboard and generally also a footboard. Upholstered beds are commonly made from faux leather or other soft fabrics. Contrary to what one might think, upholstered beds made in faux leather can also be colourful as faux leather is a material that work in a wide array of colours. These beds can be shaped like a sleigh or are delicately curved which adds real authority to the bedroom space.

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Upholstered beds are a great way to start redecorating a bedroom. As the most imposing piece of furniture in your room the bed will always act as a focal point and make a great statement when complemented by either a headboard or a footboard.

The option of getting an entire upholstered bed rather than just a headboard might be a bit pricier but the final result is really worth the investment. Would you go for an entirely upholstered bed or only a padded headboard to bring upholstery to your bedroom?

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