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September 30, 2012

Cactus + Aloe Plants

Not only have I managed to keep the plants in my planter alive for 1 month, but they are GROWING! The aloe plant is loving this new spot in the living room. He is reaching one of his “tentacles” toward the window.

Here was the planter back in August:

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September 29, 2012

Powder Rooms

It seems wallpaper is all the rage these days and I am not complaining one bit.  There are so many modern options ranging from stripes to graphic animals.  I think the best room to get started with wallpaper is the powder room, it’s a smaller space and modern wallpapers like these will definitely light up the room.  I’m really liking these black and white rooms.  How do you feel about the wallpaper trend?  Would you go for it?  Have a great weekend folks! -ijin


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September 27, 2012

Modern Decor in a Vintage Flat

Some fabulous decor inspiration via Nuevo Estilo today. The dining & living rooms are my favorite. Especially that antique magenta love seat and dining room chandelier. I also love that they’ve accessorized with bright PURPLE tulips.


September 27, 2012

Top 5 Home Decor Trends for 2013

You set a high value on your home and want it to look at its very best at all times. So once you have made sure your contents are adequately covered with home insurance from Privilege it’s time to check out the latest design trends for the coming year. Whether you choose to incorporate one or all of them, there are some exciting new ideas to inspire you.

Five Top Trends

1. 3D wallpaper

With 3D gaming and televisions taking the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before 3D wallpaper made an appearance. There are two different types of wallpaper available; the actual textured effect and the ‘trompe l’
oeil’ effect which merely gives the impression of being three-dimensional. Textured wallpapers are ideal for walls that are not perfectly straight as they hide a multitude of flaws and can improve sound-proofing into the bargain. The advances in digital printing allow some startlingly striking designs to be manufactured to create a real focal point for any room in the house.

2. Animal prints

Never off the fashion radar for long, animal prints are set to be big in interior design trends in the coming year. Leopard, tiger and zebra prints can add a strikingly contemporary feel to a room, but this very much depends on using them sparingly. Choose one type of print, and keep to accent cushions, curtains or accessories. Be sure to keep the rest of the room understated to avoid a cluttered feel.

3. Gold

Traditionally used to add opulence to a room, gold is set to be very big in 2013. Accessories in gold add a luxurious feel but, once again, be careful not to overdo it or the effect is lost. Gold leaf highlights architectural features on furniture to replicate the antique French-furniture look and adds a polished gleam to a room.

4. Wood

Wood will never go out of fashion and is set to be big news in the coming year. With the emphasis on ecological soundness, wood is a renewable resource and adds a natural and earthy aspect to home interiors. Whether new or recycled, wooden accents are useful in giving character to a home.

5. Bring the outside in

Botanical art is set to make a major comeback in 2013, with many people already scouring second-hand shops and car boot sales in the hope of picking up an original piece of art. Reproductions are set to be printed on crockery, textiles and utensils as the trend enters the mainstream this year. As with most other trends, it is important to keep the motif to just a few select pieces to avoid the effect from looking too cluttered.

Cee Whitman is a freelancing stay-at-home blogger with a love for interior designs & a Pinterest addiction. She has written this post in conjunction with Privilege home insurance.

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September 25, 2012

Air Plants

I’ve seen air plants EVERYWHERE lately. I am so intrigued and ready to purchase a few of these cute little plants for my own home now. They seem just easy enough – & pretty low maintenance. No dirt needed, just indirect light and water 2 times/week!

I love the larger/COLORFUL one and the 3 piece set that comes in the Sputnik shells. I think I’d paint the shells with Rust-Oleum GOLD to glam them up a bit! Find all of these air plants on sale today at Joss & Main.

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September 23, 2012

Weekend Painting


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September 21, 2012

Friday Art

Friday has somehow become a day for art! After moving this piece to Harper’s room, I’ve decided to make something on a larger scale for the dining room. I am still working on this piece. It is about half done.

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September 20, 2012

Nativity Sets for Holiday Decoration

When preparing for the holiday season, it’s easy to get carried away by festivities, gifts and delicious cuisine. With seasonal commercials running constantly, holiday party invitations stacking up and bustling town centers, Christmas time may even seem overwhelming for some. During this busy season, it is certainly easy to forget the true origins of the Christmas holiday.

Despite the hectic side of the holiday season, thinking of Christmas brings feelings of warmth and happiness to most. It is a time for traditions and for families to gather together. Christmas is also a sacred holiday with a story that holds great religious significance. Remembering this side of the holiday can be just as fun and fulfilling as gift giving and decorating.

One traditional way to honor the origins of Christmas is the display of the Nativity scene. A standard Nativity set includes the Holy Family with the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Other nativity pieces such as shepherds, the Magi, angels and animals are also commonly included in Nativity sets. The Nativity scene, also called a Nativity crèche , dates back to the time of St. Francis of Assisi.

Today you can find a great variety of Nativity sets appropriate for family homes, churches, institutions and commercial enterprises. Varying sizes accommodate both indoor and outdoor Christmas displays ranging from tabletop sets to life-size Nativity scenes. Giant nativity sets require more set-up time and effort; however these options are great for outdoor displays or for large indoor spaces such as cathedrals or other institutions.

Setting up the manger scene each year is a great way to teach children the story behind Christmas. Kids nativity sets made of felt can be played with at home or used as an interactive teaching device at Sunday school. Making the story come to life in a visual manner will add excitement and enthusiasm to the lesson. Nativity sets that come with many separate pieces can also be a family’s collecting tradition with the addition of a new piece every Christmas season. Some smaller nativity sets have many figurines that will keep this tradition alive for years.

Collections such as the renowned Fontanini Masterpiece Nativity are also veritable pieces of art with their incomparable detail and coloring. For nighttime displays, you may want to consider illuminated nativity sets. You can also add to your Christmas light display with lighted silhouettes of the religious figurines found in sets such as Holiday Lighting’s Estate Collection. Both of these unique choices will surely add to the holiday spirit in any neighborhood.

For the containment and protection of your nativity set, you may also consider adding a stable. Typically crafted of wood, nativity stables add authenticity to a nativity crèche and can either be an esthetic addition or a functional shelter. Most outdoor sets are built with enough durability to endure cold temperatures and weather conditions; however nativity sets for holiday decorations should be handled and stored with care.

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