August 3, 2012

Ijin’s Picks: Stylish DIY’s

Hi All. I must admit, curating this round-up took much longer than I anticipated.  There are so many “DIY’s” around the web that look exactly what it is, DIY.  Hence, I wanted to avoid that and found these super stylish ideas worth trying.  The Tie Dye sheets from DesignLoveFest looks too fab not to try.  I was looking for tall candles and finally found the solution.  The Upholstered wall hangings will be my first DIY when I get a house.  Which one would you make?

~ijin of Ijinku. {Web and Graphic Designer} Check out my website and blog for more. 

1. Tie Dye Sheets 2. DIY Branch Clothing Rack 3. Monoprint Pillow 4.Super Long Taper Candles 5. DIY upholstered wall hangings

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