August 16, 2012

3 Things for my Coffee Table

1. The Telangana Patterned Bone Boxes. You can see one displayed on the coffee table above. I love how the coffee table is styled. Especially how she put all of her pretty matchboxes in a bowl. I’d really like to try that. (once my 2 year old little boy stops getting into EVERYTHING!) (photo via Katie Armour)

2. The gold studded acrylic tray. Kelly made this for less than $15! It looks easy enough for someone with lacking DIY skills (like me!) I cannot wait to try this one.

3. A short/small colorful vase. Ashley spray painted a free logo drink glass to make this beautiful blue vase. It is hard to believe what it looked like before!

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  1. I haven’t decorated my coffee table since having kids. I really like the books and matchsticks boxes in a bowl idea. Very cute and functional.

  2. Oops, had more to say before I hit post. ;) Before kids, we had an old serving tray I found at Goodwill. I painted it and attached feet to the bottom and that was where we kept the remotes.

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