July 27, 2012

Putting Kid Decor to Bed!

They never want to go there when it’s time, but they certainly have opinions on what it should look like; it’s your children’s bedroom! Decorating a child’s bedroom can be frustrating when differences of opinion pop up, but there are some ways to make it enjoyable and cost effective. Here are ten ideas for tackling the bedding in your child’s bedroom!

For a cost effective option, consider basic bedding in a solid colour. Then, customize with stuffed animals or vinyl wall decals around the perimeter of the bed. This allows the flexibility of updating the style of the bedding by interchanging the accessories rather than buying new, costly bedspreads when your child’s tastes change.

Another idea takes the basic bedding idea and expands on it by using netting for the head of the bed or the entire bed. For girls, netting creates a princess feel and for boys, you can use camouflage netting instead. This creates a bed that feels like a hideout for your little one.

Some children adore a particular character or theme. Luckily for mom, there are many ways to cater to a child’s whim and have bedding from mattress, sheets, pillow cases and comforters in the character or theme of their choice and they can buy them online from for bedding and sheets and for mattresses and pillows visit website

Memories can last a lifetime and there are ways to include memories into your child’s bedding. Use your child’s old t-shirts and sew together a bed spread that will remind them and you of when they were little.

Another way to include memories into a child’s bedding is by utilizing photographs. Photos can be scanned in high quality onto bedspreads or pillowcases and make a unique place for your child to sleep!

A classic theme for a little girl’s bedding is flowers. They can be bright and funky or sweet and sophisticated. Let your little one help pick out the kind of flowers. Then, stop at a flower shop and pick out a small bouquet of the real kind for the night stand!

On the other hand, a classic theme for little boy’s bedding is sports. You can pick bedding that includes all kinds of sports or bedding that focuses on one sport like basketball or football. Like your little girl, consider selecting a real piece of sports equipment for the bedside to complete the look.

Extremely popular today is the idea of being socially responsible. That can be bedding that is made from organic materials or from sustainable materials like bamboo. This kind of bedding theme can be very beautiful, is perfect for boys or girls, and provides you an opportunity to talk with your child about the values that are important to you and your family.

Some families have activities that they like to do together such as skiing or boating. Again, incorporate these ideas into your child’s room by finding bedding that matches these hobbies. Instead of a story at bedtime, you might find yourselves reminiscing about the fun you had on the slope or on the lake!

If you have a smarty pants in the family, let their bed reflect that by picking out bedding that is in the theme of their favorite subject. The moon and stars for your little astronomer or number themes for your little mathematician.

Finally, the mismatch theme! This is the one where you let your little one decide every part of the bedding. It may not be pretty, but the look on their face will be priceless!

The important thing is to keep your child’s personality in mind and have fun! And don’t forget a bed should be just as comfortable as it is cool.

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  1. Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing. I agree that <a href=" organic bedding is a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom. It costs a little more, but natural mattresses actually last much longer than your typical mattress, so it definitely pays off in the long run. Love the mis-match idea too, great to get your kids’ input on their space and make decorating fun for them as well.

  2. The girl’s bedroom is so beautiful in the first photo. Bed, bedding, bedside table – everything makes the room look cozy and tasteful. And the pink bed canopy looks just gorgeous! I would really like to create such a bedroom to my daughter!

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