June 28, 2012

We Should Make our Own Dream Homes

We all have pictures in our mind of our dream home large or small, inner-city or in a wilderness far away from all signs of humanity. Yet we’re stuck here and it comes to a point where we need to stop dreaming and make our current homes into dreams for others.

The goal is simple: be proud of your home and love it!

There are so many techniques to dress-up your home to make it sumptuous for you and anyone else you may drag home. Make your entrance way pop! It’s the first impression everyone gets of your home and why not make it stand-out like no other? This is the beginning of the WOW effect! You can still do this in small areas by accenting a wall or adding an oddly unique piece of furniture.

Take something out of the ordinary and put it into the classically ordinary! One of my favorite examples tends to be nightstands. They’re full of utility yet they’re rarely talked about for accenting the room. A clever reinvention is using an old kick drum on its side. They’re big yes but if you have the space use it.

Wallpaper is on the rise again. Don’t stick with pastel colors on your walls, go after texture. Wallpapers add so much depth to rooms big and small and are accented pleasantly by solid curtains and matching rugs. The choices are infinite now with computer graphic software changing home decor like never before.

So remember, we can dream for an eternity or we can try and make our dreams blossom into our own little paradises tucked away in a small corner of the earth.

By Sophie

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