May 23, 2012

Kitchen Improvement

Looking to make some quick improvements in your kitchen? The two easiest things to change are the kitchen sink and faucet. Both are available in every shape, size, style and budget possible.

The two most popular choices in kitchen sinks are apron sinks and stainless steel sinks. An apron sink, also known as a farm sink, has a front panel which is exposed (pictured above). Originally used for country style kitchens, apron sinks have broadened to complement every design style. From extreme modern to ultra traditional there is an apron sink to match your kitchen decor.

Stainless steel sinks are all the rage because of their versatility. Like apron sinks, stainless steel is suitable for every kitchen style. It wears well and practical to work with.

Kitchen faucets are a whole different world then sinks. If you thought your sink choices were overwhelming just wait till you see the faucets. From bar faucets to bridge, culinary to pot-fillers and everything in between shopping for a faucet can get confusing.

The two most special faucets that will make the maximum impact on your kitchen are a bridge or culinary faucet.

A bridge faucet (pictured above) is an elegant design used mostly in traditional, elaborate kitchens. Beautiful and delicate they enhance the kitchen décor like a great piece of jewelry. A culinary faucet (pictured below) is a true statement piece that will give your kitchen a really gourmet touch and help you feel like a true chef.

Enjoy creating your fabulous kitchen!

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