April 19, 2012

Lampwork Beads: Popular Designs For Your Jewelry

Lampwork beads are very popular today but several years ago, finding them in large quantities
is rare the fact that these types of beads are rather difficult to make. However, thanks to
technology, lampwork beads are now easy to make. The best thing about these beads is that
they can be used to make elegant pieces of jewelry. These beads are made from glass that are
melted and formed by blowing cool air through melt rods and tubes. The glass beads are also
formed with consequently rotating the rod to create the beads. These beads look very exquisite
and the entire process of making lampwork beads can take a lot of time. Having said this, they
cost lots of money but even if this is the case, a lot of people prefer these beads because they
look so dainty. Now since they are made from glass, you should be careful while wearing these
beads as they do easily break when high amount of pressure is subjected on them. Thus, these
beads are great when you wear them on formal function but you can also wear them with your
casual clothes as there are lots of lampwork beads that are tempered to tolerate high pressure.
You can use these beads to make different elegant accessories such as necklaces, earrings
and bracelets. Moreover, you can also use them to add details on your fringe trimmings and
other accessories. These beads also work well with ceramic and metal beads thus allowing you
to create different designs for your jewelry.

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