March 5, 2012

DIY Sideboard

My new sideboard is finished &amp I am so happy with how it turned out.

Here was the BEFORE if you haven’t seen it:

& a few more pics…

Here is the before and after of the hardware. It was spray painted gold metallic:

& my new dining chairs finally arrived! (from Horchow….SLOOOOW shipping & way overpriced!)

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  1. Wow, gorgeous! Love it all and even the touch of color from the flowers makes it so cheerful! Makes me want to go buy flowers.

  2. I was going through a few searches for Louis Styled chairs and yours popped up.

    Horchow is a great brand and yours look amazing in your dining room.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. can you please tell me where the table came from or if it’s a
    diy project, do you have the plans to make it?

  4. hi Amanda! the table is the 17th C. Monastery Dining Table from Restoration Hardware. It is fabulous and comes in many sizes :) shari

  5. How are your RH Monastery table and chairs holding up? I ask because I have been planning on purchasing this table and the round chairs for our new home. I have recently read several bad reviews about RH in general, and have read about problems with staining, bowing, and cracking on the tables. Have you had any of these problems? I still want to buy this table and the chairs, but I’m concerned based on the reviews I’ve read. Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Hi Stephanie! i love love love the table. it is an unfinished table so it does show oily marks that you need to scrub off occasionally. in my opinion as the table wears it shows it’s character, kind of like scratches on a leather purse ;). i have had no cracking- not sure what bowing is though.

    Yes, i would recommend it.. the table makes quite a statement and I would definitely buy it again. the only thing i would change is for it to have a leaf to put in for larger dinner parties.

    & the chairs are from Horchow…they are NOT restoration hardware chairs. hope this helps! shari

  7. Thanks so much for your reply! I got so worried after hearing complaints about RH. It’s so nice to hear your good review. My husband and I are almost finished with building our home and we purchased 2 of the RH Birdcage chandeliers and felt we needed a pretty substantial table to go under the chandeliers and this is table will be perfect. I think I will order a wood sample to see if we can try putting a seal on it to protect it. Thanks again for your input. Your table looks great in your home :)

  8. My husband surprised me with this table for Christmas 2 years ago and i still LOVE it! I later picked out RH chairs to go with it and don’t have a complaint about the table or chairs. We have decided to purchase the matching side table as well as the new round table and chairs for our breakfast nook!

  9. What size is the table? Is that he 60″ or 76″?

  10. Hi,

    I just rcvd. the monestary RH table in the gray tone wood. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, it is unusable. This is NOT a practicle table AT ALL. When we bought this table we were completely un aware that the table was not sealed. We have had the table for two days and already there are oily finger marks on it. RH says not to clean the table you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. So if I get tomato sauce on it, I can’t clean it? If I spill coffee or wine or chocolate, I wipe it with a dry cloth? This is unsanitary! I am so disappointed. RH customer service says that you cannot seal the table but cannot explain why. I am wondering if I get a professional person in here to seal it, will it take? I am not happy with this. The wood color is beautiful but it is no functional especially when you have children. this is a table to look at, not to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  11. I was looking at this table today at RH and it is beautiful. The salesperson said you can put a wax on i to protect it. Another idea is getting a glass top made for it.

  12. Hi Ladies,
    we have had our table for over 1 year now. I think what people are forgetting is that wood is meant to become worn. The table is not supposed to stay perfect. Spots, scratches, discoloration only add character. I would NEVER cover this table with glass…that would be so ugly! i would never seal it.

    our table is still beautiful with it’s nicks and marks. we get compliments every time someone comes over.

    if you are not one to enjoy the aging of wood then this table is not for you!

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  14. We are very interested in this table but they only have the larger ones on display. It would be very helpful if you could tell us if this is the 60″ or the 76″ length?


  15. Hi,

    Love your decor!! Can you please tell me what size your table is? 60″ or 76″? I have the 60″ and i’m having trouble finding chairs that fit!

    Thank you!

  16. Hi, can anyone give me an update on the status of their RH Monastery table? I am considering purchasing it. I have small kids and I’m wondering if your table has been destroyed over time or added character? I love the table and don’t mind the character but if it gets ruined, then that’s another story. Also, did you seal it?


  17. I have the 76″ table and it fits two chairs each side and one at each end (6) I love it and I use a table pad and table cloth when we are going to eat. It is as perfect as the day I got it two years ago. No stains, no cracks. I love it! My cat runs across it daily and no nail marks. I can’t keep her off it, I think she likes it too! I have never cleaned it except I have vacuumed the top with a soft bristle brush. I did not seal it, I would not seal it or cover it in glass. You have to be careful but not obsess about it. I wish I could post a picture, I have had it two years and it is like brand new. I bought the matching chairs in beige linen and I have the Grey wash colour. Chairs are perfect too but looking at your picture I wish I had of got mine in black, they are stunning! I am seriously considering fabric painting them! Buy it, love it! Soooooooo worth it.

  18. I love this table but the legs make seating difficult. Does anyone have the 84″ version of this table? If so, does it fit 3 chairs per side so that you can seat 8? I saw the 108″ table in a store and that wouldn’t fit 4 chairs per side (unless one straddles a leg but that looks bad) so I don’t see how the 84″ could fit 3 per side.

    Please let me know.


  19. Hi!!!

    Your set up is stunning.

    I am going to purchase the RH monastery table today and cannot decide between the 60 or 76 inch. Does anyone know if you are you able to put chairs at the head of the 60 inch table or is there not enough over hang?

    Thanks so much!

  20. Just wondering how many inches clearance you behind the chairs on the sideboard side. I wanted the monastery table but the designer told me its too wide for the space because I have a sideboard too. She recommended the Priory table which is similar but I dont love it.

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