December 2, 2010

Christmas Tree is up!

i got the tree up today…tomorrow we will decorate! i am doing colored lights this year because i think it will be more fun for the kids. Harper is practicing her colors and will be so excited to see it all lit up!

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  1. love it…and the plan to practice colors on the tree.

  2. love colors on christmas trees!

  3. O M G!
    What is it for a tree?
    I would love a pyramide-shaped tree like that so much.
    This year I bought a plastic-tree because I'm so frustrated of the crooked trees I had the last years… :)

  4. Cynthia – we got the tree from a local market. some kind of Spruce??? i am not really sure but we are in NJ and it was $60. i am really liking the smaller size. (last year we had a great big one and it had to go in the living room and i could not really enjoy it!)

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