September 29, 2010

400 yr old french cottage renovation

i just spent an hour reading this wonderful blog, StephModo
in a nutshell, a California couple on a whim puts in a lowball offer on a 400 yr old stone cottage. It is located in southern France and rests atop an enchanting Medieval village! the offer is accepted and the blog follows their journey to France and the renovation.

One of my fav. posts is about her daughter’s school lunches!

the gorgeous, renovated bathroom. you can see the rest of the before and after photos here

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  1. You know you have to improve your bathroom(s) if you want to sell your house a lot quicker.

    If people are using the street as a speedway, you might want to re-evaluate the home.

    In the latter part of the 1800s, a divergence between the composition of interior and exterior materials began.

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