August 5, 2010

Stenciled Animal Mugs

this is just too cool. i might just have to try it with my IKEA mugs:

“Look no further than the nearest pasture for inspiration to dress up plain dishware. To duplicate these mugs, print and cut out the animal shapes. Use these templates for Cow,Sheep, and Pig shapes. Place each shape atop a small piece of contact paper and outline it in pencil. Cut out with a craft knife; then discard the paper inside the outline. Peel away the backing and affix the stencil to a clean, dry mug, making sure to center the image. Following the package directions, use a soft brush to fill in the outline with dishwasher-safe PermEnamel paint ($3.49 for two ounces,; let set for a few minutes. Carefully remove the contact paper, clean up any edges with a damp cotton swab, and allow the paint to cure for 10 days.”
from Country Living

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Categories: Dishes, DIY, Kitchen
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  1. love these i will have to get some white mugs and do a diy project pronto!!!!! and maybe watch babe or milo and otis while i am at it!

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