June 12, 2009

tea sets by

these recycled tea sets by Christine Misiak are absolutely amazing!

“Inspired by Britain’s love of tea, Product Designer Christine Misiak aims to mix an element of craft with industrially manufactured products, doing so by designing various tea sets with the aim of combining old and new.
Through her ‘Original Recycled Tea Sets’ Christine rejuvenates old neglected tea sets, by recycling, restyling and resurfacing them, transforming them into elegant one-off pieces that are a celebration of the past and present.
Christine, who recently graduated in Three Dimensional Design from Northumbria Univeristy in the UK, felt that too many unwanted tea sets across the region were going to waste, gathering dust in charity shops, flea markets and car boot sales. The talented designer made it her mission to rejuvenate these ‘homeless’ tea sets by reclaiming, restyling and resurfacing the disregarded tea sets, transforming them into elegant, one-off pieces that are a celebration of the past and present.
With her ‘New/ Old Tea Sets’ Christine preserves and portrays important aspects of the past, customizing features and design details from antique style tea sets and blending them with contemporary styling creating a vibrant contrast of new and old”

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